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Aerial Photography  - Oblique and Vertical

Aerial images make an Impact! They provide a broad and unique view that is simply not possible from ground level. It allows you to see the entire property from different angles. You will be able to demonstrate the advantages/disadvantages of the property location. Show access routes and neighboring developments. Aerial Images make perfect legal documents, planning tools, presentation aids, promotional or marketing materials. And, of course, maybe you would like to offer and aerial photo gift to someone of their residence or their workplace, that's fine too.  We also offer gift certificates, discounts and coupons!  Call for details.


Finding the right professional photographer for your needs has never been easier.  As an experienced airline pilot and photographer, you can count on my expertise in getting the job done at affordable prices.  Here's how: 

At Mattucci Aerials, LLC, we have access to high-wing aircraft and drones that costs  less than renting from a commercial flying school or company.  By keeping the aircraft cost to a minimum, this will allow us to pass the savings along to our clients.  Plus, because we are FAA licensed commercial pilots, we can control our own pilot’s fees.  However, there may be instances due to aircraft unavailability for maintenance or scheduling reasons that will force us to rent an aircraft.  Rental aircraft usually increase the cost by a minimum of $170/hr. For a premium, quick turnaround service, we have access to aircraft in fairly short notice but this increases the cost.  Please allow up to two weeks for the completion of an aerial photo mission unless you request a quick turnaround service.  Aerial Images can be taken obliquely (out of the window, with the subject being viewed at an angle) or vertically.

We Now Offer Aerial Drone Photography and Videography Services!


Pittsburgh Aerial Drone


FAQ About Aerial Photography

Q: What is your coverage area?

Our manned aircraft coverage area includes the Pittsburgh region, western/central Pennsylvania, eastern OH and northern WV.

Q: In what format do you provide our images?

To meet every client’s unique specifications, all photos are available in electronic or hard copy formats. Photo prints, whether color or black and white, are available in many sizes printed through our professional lab partner. Electronic photos are available in several formats. Typically JPEG or TIFF, and may be uploaded through an FTP method, secured Internet file transfer, e-mailed (limited size) or furnished on CDs.


Q: How much does an aerial photo shoot cost?

We have several aerial photo packages to choose from and are listed on our website.  In addition, we offer custom designed packages.  We will provide a firm quote based on all anticipated costs with the regular or custom package. 


 Q: What is the difference between Oblique and Vertical aerial photography?
Oblique Images are taken from the side of the aircraft at an angle of the property and ground, allowing you to appreciate the land perspective, height of buildings and vegetation. These images can be acquired at different height levels, according to your needs.

Vertical images are taken directly overhead and above the property or site. This view is also known as map-like images giving you a 90 degree straight down view. Our drone's gimble camera mounting, image stabilization, give us the ability to provide you and your company with high resolution "TRUE" 90 degree vertical images.  See example below:

Pittsburgh vertical aerial photography


Aerial Photos Used For:

  • Construction Progress
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Mapping
  • Real Estate (Commercial and Residential)
  • Roofing Inspections
  • Stock



Western PA Golf Course Aerial

Golf Courses

Pittsbugh aerials residential aerial images pghaerials by Mattucci Aerials, LLC

Real Estate


Aerial Images of Pittsburgh Region

Pittsburgh area vertical aerial photography 

Highway Engineering


Pittsburgh aerials roof inspections by Mattucci Aerials, LLC

Roofing Inspections